[Wp/trv]Translation of MediaWiki (most important messages)

Fragment of a discussion from Support
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This is not strictly for Mediawiki as what you wanted is to translate the Wikipedia Incubator for [[Portal:Trv] (Taroko, Seediq): the UI of the wiki effectively comes for Mediawiki (so the Incubator wiki itself does not allow modifying it locally), but this could have happened for other projects as well. You have two solutions:

  • contact a local wiki adminsitrator to make a change for you (it will be kept specifically on that wiki by adding another level of protection that will block reimports from Translatewiki.net, where it may be translated differently in a more generic version not specific to Wikimedia).
  • or find the relevant message on this Translatewiki: if you can't edit it here, then propose the translation to this Support, and an admin will submit it for you: please link the message (I'll try to locate it)
Verdy p (talk)07:43, 20 November 2020