about localized upper/lower cases in common words

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about localized upper/lower cases in common words

Hi all, Last flow of messages to translate is mainly oriented to transform low case into uppercase caracters. Ex: "Add observations to this project" becomes "Add Observations to This Project". In some languages only the beginning letter is possibly in uppercase and apart of proper nouns, no uppercase can be found within the string. In that perspective, the translation brings nothing more than the previous existing translated version. So what is expected from translators ? Do we follow the case flow of the english text ? or remain coherent in our language ? Thanks.

    ChristianW (talk)08:56, 7 September 2018

    What project was that done for? Those changes to the English text should probably be reverted. It is Really Bad to Use Title Case for Things that Aren't Actual Titles, even in English. You should definitely follow the rules for your language.

      Jon Harald Søby (talk)21:36, 8 September 2018