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11:48, 5 March 2021 Yardom78 (talk | contribs) New thread created  

direct links, tools, teleport or something to accurate localization of items in translating process?

what i mean is, is there any way to localize exact page/wiki/ that i am currently translating in the tool? it is clear that when i want to translate a content of a page i just click translate page and its fine. but we have here different tools and extensions and applications where it would be useful to see source. i understand that if i am translating external application i have to download it and run it in chosen language to see if my translations are correct. but for example i am traslating "wikimedia portals" message group and because of the grammar complexity of my language it would be very useful to know where exactly each message is shown (as for example the message "read wikipedia in your laguage" is shown at the wikipedia home page, but how do i know that this message is from/for that page?)

yardom78 (talk)11:48, 5 March 2021