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Thank you. I first thought, I had understood now. but actually, it does not help me enough to translate the message. Here are my difficulties. We cannot unspecifically chain word like the English or Americans do. Thus "video bitrate" has to become something like "The bitrate of the? a? this? video" - now you say it is being explained, but the original sentence say "sets" not "is" - translated, that is a huge difference. Now again "the encoding bitrate for video" has to become "the bitrate of the encoding of a? the? this? videostream" and my final sentence: "The bitrate of the? a? this? video is? sets? the bitrate of the encoding of a? the? this? videostream, and is measured in kilobits per second." does not look like making sense, does it? What I maybe could extract is: "The bitrate of the encoding of videostreams (in general) is measured in kilobits per second here." Is that what is meant?

Purodha Blissenbach09:40, 16 November 2009

Yes, I often run into the same ambiguity problems that you mention, but this specific English message is particularly badly written. Perhaps someone should rewrite it (Siebrand?).

Anyway, the message name is "videoBitrate-help", so surely it should be an explanation of what it generally is. What I translated is: "'bitrate' means the encoding speed of the video (in kb/s)."

McDutchie13:40, 16 November 2009

Please suggest alternative text. Busy today until I get to my hotel room later today.

Siebrand15:22, 16 November 2009

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