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16:33, 27 December 2021 Jon Harald Søby (talk | contribs) New reply created (Reply to forgotten translator request)
13:52, 27 December 2021 Amire80 (talk | contribs) New reply created (Reply to forgotten translator request)
08:09, 26 December 2021 Robertgarrigos (talk | contribs) New thread created  

forgotten translator request

Hi, I guess my request to become a translator has been forgotten. May I remind you of it. Thanks.

Robertgarrigos (talk)08:09, 26 December 2021

Hi! I gave you the permissions.

I'm not sure what happened... The usual process is to create the account on the main page and to submit some test translations, but for some reasons your account was created without inviting you to do test translations.

In any case, since you appear to be an experienced wiki editor, I've given you the permissions. Welcome and happy new year! :)

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)13:52, 27 December 2021

The account was created in 2012 (not 2021), so that's probably why. :-)

Jon Harald Søby (talk)16:33, 27 December 2021