support for Huaylas Ancash Quechua

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support for Huaylas Ancash Quechua

Hi, there would be someone who could help me, I have as a project a | new Wikipedia that is in the incubator of Wikimedia and I want to know what to do on this site with regard to my language, because I have already created the portal of the language but I don't know what to do after...?!

Michaelobregon (talk)00:42, 12 September 2017
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  • Language code: qwh
  • Language name: Huaylas Ancash Quechua – Huaylay
  • Direction: LTR
  • Script: Latin
  • Fallback: Spanish (es)
Liuxinyu970226 (talk)09:35, 12 September 2017

The Huaylas Ancash Quechua is a language diferentes than Quechua . Quechua is not a only language , Quechua is a macrolanguage , Ayacucho Quechua is different than Cajamarca Quechua and is different than Huaylas Quechua Example: A.Q Punchaw = day H.Q Hanaq = day C.Q P'unchaw = day Ayacucho Quechua is similar to Cusco Quechua for those languages there is an only alphabet Example Mariaq = Maria's Mariap = Maria's Southern Quechua Alphabet Mariap = Maria's Other example : A.Q Ñuqanchik C.Q Nuqanchik

En = We( inclusive)

Michaelobregon (talk)21:46, 13 September 2017

Autonym=Qichwa, Nunashimi or Runashimi

Fallback to Spanish

Michaelobregon (talk)01:42, 27 January 2018

@Amire80: How do you think this request?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)04:53, 25 January 2018

I'll do it.

To be sure that the autonym spelling is unique, I'll use the one found at the dictionary that is cited at : "anqash qichwa".

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)12:49, 4 March 2018