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Note that I am not the admin of this site; I just help to maintain it so that it remains coherent within its existing limits. The intent is not really to create new contents: the "hosted" projects are here only for one goal: create translations for messages that each project want to localize. The purpose is not to make development, but just create the basic structure that will help translators (not technicians) to do their work appropriately for each language, using the current best known classification and differentiation of languages. That's thy there are:

  • portals for each language, but they are very basic: they just provide some basic links to relevant sources, help people join together, to work across multiple projects that may be translated in the same language. Most discussions for such things will occur in well-known linguist lists (for that we provide codes for relevant standards, and well-known external sources, and in portals you can add a few). On each of these portals, users can register themselves just by pointing to their own user page, where translators can also point to their home pages for any kind of project they want to support (including other projects not translated here). This is a just point of contact.
  • portals for each hosted project: talks about them occur in the relevant maintenance site for each project independently of the language, but there's sometimes the need to create a specific terminology for this project that is difficult to reach but influences how these would then be translated (with more or less difficulties, or specific technical limits that are often independent of the language or script used), so the talks there are more technical but scoped only to the internationalization aspect of the hosted project. If the project already has a dedicated section for this part, it will be enough to just point to it. So there's little actual content here too. And contributors in those sections should still be multilingual but would be more English-savvy than in the previous type of portals.
Verdy p (talk)14:30, 27 September 2020

Thanks. So does this mean I can't create subpages to solve this problem? Sorry, I am not online often and thus there is a delay in reply.

[使用者:偽類]偽類= ([用戶談話:偽類[談話])09:40, 8 October 2020