Current user's gender

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Current user's gender

Can anyone please explain how can use this to get the gender of current user looking at a page? If not a in a general page, it would be enough to get for messages. I tried some combinations but nothing worked - it always gave me the male form.

    Amir E. Aharoni18:35, 27 March 2011

    You can't. The unspecified form {{GENDER|a|b|c}} only works in (some, not all) interface messages.

      Nike13:29, 28 March 2011

      So what needs to be done to make it useful for Hebrew wikis?

      The most acute problem for Hebrew is, like for the Slavic languages, the logs, which say "User:FemaleAdmin deleted File:Example.jpg", where deleted should be feminine (see Bug 24156). It's acute, because there are no linguistics tricks that can avoid it, but otherwise it is rather small, and if i'm not mistaken, it can be solved by passing the username as a parameter (correct me if i'm wrong).

      The bigger problem is addressing the current user in the second person. We usually avoid by using the plural, but it's not quite natural. It is less acute, but it's bigger, which spans many, many more messages.

      So, what can be done? If there's no automatic way to know the current user name, can it be passed as a parameter? This may work, but then the developers will have to a lot of tedious work. But i may be missing something here.

        Amir E. Aharoni17:16, 28 March 2011

        Logs are an issue on their own waiting for someone to pick up the work: bugzilla:24620.

          Nike08:51, 29 March 2011