How to test the new gender stuff wrt MediaWiki 1.18

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How to test the new gender stuff wrt MediaWiki 1.18

Here's my understanding of the current situation, courtesy Mark Hershberger:

1. The only new support for gender in 1.18 is the User: namespace. I've asked Sam Reedy to configure Test2 so that you can see this. If you specify your gender in Special:Preferences you'll see that redirects your User page. For example, I've set my gender on test2 to "male" and so when you visit, you'll be redirected to "Male user:MarkAHershberger" and see the result in the URL/Location bar.
2. By looking at you can find examples of support that 1.17 already had for gender. You can use these for regression testing.
3. There is no way to display different text based on the Gender of the page viewer. Purodha Blissenbach has suggested on (which is a good page to read for more information on this issue) that redirects might be used on Help pages where this would be useful.
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    All correct.

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