Changes in plural for Scots Gaelic (gd) in MediaWiki

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Changes in plural for Scots Gaelic (gd) in MediaWiki

Per end of February 2013, the plural rules for Scots Gaelic (gd) have changed. Before they were as follows (6 forms):

n is 1		
n is 2		
n is 11		
n is 12	
n in 3..10 or n in 13..19

They now will be consistent with the plural rules for Scots Gaelic (gd) as defined in CLDR (4 forms):

n in 1,11
n in 2,12;
n in 3..10,13..19;
everything else

Future changes in the plural handling for Scots Gaelic (gd) will only come into MediaWiki through changes in the plural rules of CLDR.

As a consequence, all translations for language code "gd" in the MediaWiki namespace containing PLURAL (case insensitive) will be marked as outdated, and should be updated as soon as possible. Until the translations have been corrected, "other" will display the form of "12" for outdated translations.

This message will be linked on the talk pages of recent translators for the language as well as by e-mail and in the language's Wikipedia village pump. Because of this change, backporting of translations to recent version of MediaWiki will most probably not be possible until the lowest supported version is MediaWiki 1.21.

With this change, it will also be possible to add arbitrary plural forms in MediaWiki interface messages that process the PLURAL directive. Example for English:

<nowiki>no birds<nowiki>

In this example, the "0=" and "15=" forms will only be used if $1 is exactly that number, the first unnumbered form ("one bird") will be used for singular ($1 is 1), and the second unnumbered form ("$1 birds") is used for all values of $1 but 0, 1 and 15.

    Siebrand15:01, 26 February 2013