Ending support

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Ending support

I think we should end support of this old version of EOL and start support the new one, because it's not very reasonable to translate it if it's not in use

Old version

New version which is currently in use

    Pyscowicz (talk)11:12, 16 April 2019

    Absolutely agreed. It's a mess when I try to use it now. Do tell the main admins. I'll be glad to help. Cheers.

      B. Jankuloski (talk)05:04, 20 April 2019

      Hello! Jen here, from the EOL team. Is there any way we can help with this transition? We're preparing the codebase to internationalize the new platform, but we're not sure whom to alert about the relevant .yml files.

      My developers tell me: "the .yml files are now in config/locales instead of config/translations."


        Jhammock (talk)21:41, 21 June 2019