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Discuss the future of Intuition

Pinging both @Zhuyifei1999: and @Krinkle: as this can affect the whole Toolforge tools about their i18n methods. (And you two can point me what wrong I have in this thread).

Per phab:T172065, loading asserts from non-Wikimedia providers are discouraged, not surprise, is also under non-Wikimedia criteria. So in theory we should try replacing

(from phab:P5825) to a Wikimedia provided assert.

However, I am not sure how such "replacing" could be possible, since twn hosts a lot of messages that from Wikimedia umbrella.

And another however, I am now confused with the de facto status of messages world:

I believe that all of projects above are having hate-to-be-dynamic l10ned interfaces, and with doing compare with de facto 27 Intuition projects:

So since the migration of XTools l10n, even there's a little possible that that "replacing" is possible, I would also ask that, what's the benefit of it?

I would ask a better solution that better than daydream replacement. Or maybe and somewhat sadly, we should consider abandoning the entire Intuition, and split all of those l10n messages to "Wikimedia:XXX..."

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)15:03, 26 September 2017

I'm marking this old thread as resolved.

For the record - I believe this was the result of of a misundertanding. The information at P5825, was posted by zhuyifei1999 there in 2017. These are not all about Intuition or translatewiki.

Only 1 line concerns or Intution, and that is the line you quoted:

This means that the documentation portal for Intuition at, was including a little image with a graph from

It does not affect any tool on Toolforge that uses Intuition to localise itself. I have removed the image in this commit, which removed the warning from the About page.

Krinkle (talk)00:53, 4 April 2022