Plural on Kiwix

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Plural on Kiwix

Could someone confirm whether Kiwix supports PLURAL? If so, could you make some notes concerning plural on the project page:

  • Do all messages support plural or do individual messages need to have plural enabled on them?
  • Which plural format is used?
  • What is the syntax for writing plural?
  • Provide a link to the project plural rules, in both narrative and code form, if a custom plural.
    Lloffiwr (talk)22:48, 19 March 2012

    Hi, what do you mean exactly with PLURAL? As far as I know there is nothing special concerning plural form of the strings.

      Kelson (talk)10:27, 20 March 2012

      Do you mean that so far, none of the messages on Kiwix need Plural (that is, none are number dependant)?

        Lloffiwr (talk)12:45, 20 March 2012