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3d-desc not exported to 3D extension

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@Raimond: When was last full export? Should we do one again, and maybe schedule one for at least every 2-6 months?

Nike (talk)10:34, 2 November 2017

The extension is deployed on the wmf beta cluster, why not have a daily or weekdaily export as all the other extensions?

Der Umherirrende (talk)22:55, 2 November 2017

The export is daily, but the full export not. "Full export" means going through all the translations connected to the extension, however old they were, and regenerating all language files even if there are no new translations. This normally ensures nothing is missed, but takes a long time.

Nemo (talk)06:22, 3 November 2017

That means the daily export looks for changes made in the last 24 hours (or since the last export) and only export these changes? But why the recent change to MediaWiki:3d/qqq where not exported?

There was never a l10n-bot commit on gerrit for this extension. I would assume a full export would also miss this extension.

Der Umherirrende (talk)11:00, 3 November 2017

Problem catched now, fixed with gerrit:390208.

Der Umherirrende (talk)16:50, 9 November 2017