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Meaning of this message?

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Meaning of this message?

({{PLURAL:$1|One intermediate revision|$1 intermediate revisions}} by more than $2 {{PLURAL:$2|user|users}} not shown) from MediaWiki:Diff-multi-manyusers

As I assume: From the second part of the sentence ( {{PLURAL:$2|) it is clear that there are more than one user, Then how more than one user can do "One intermediate revision" (First plural $1)? Something missing?
Praveenp07:03, 14 September 2010

Please have a look at the translation hint. It should be clear.

This message appears in the revision history of a page when comparing two versions which aren't consecutive, and the intermediate revisions have been edited by more than 100 users.


  • $1 - the number of revisions, will always be 101 or more
  • $2 - the number of users that were found, which was limited at 100

Siebrand09:05, 14 September 2010

So doesn't this mean that the PLURAL:$1 is unnecessary?

McDutchie11:43, 14 September 2010

For many languages yes, but it is needed for some.

Siebrand11:47, 14 September 2010