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Split some show/hide messages?

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Last edit: 09:51, 6 June 2013

I can't figure out a meaningful and grammatically correct Estonian translation for show/hide messages like "Rcshowhideminor" that are used on RecentChanges and WhatLinksHere pages. In Estonian the word "Näita" (show) requires the following phrase (e.g. minor edits) to be in partitive case and the word "Peida" (hide) in genitive case. So I suggest these messages to be split into two messages where different cases can be used, "Hide minor edits" and "Show minor edits" instead of "$1 minor edits", similar to Revreview-diff-toggle-show ("show those changes") and Revreview-diff-toggle-hide ("hide those changes").

This problem involves messages Rcshowhideminor ("$1 minor edits"), Rcshowhidepatr ("$1 patrolled edits"), Rcshowhideliu ("$1 registered users"), Rcshowhidebots ("$1 bots"), Rcshowhideanons ("$1 anonymous users"), Rcshowhidemine ("$1 my edits"), Wikibase-rc-hide-wikidata ("$1 Wikidata"), Whatlinkshere-hidetrans ("Hide transclusions"), Whatlinkshere-hidelinks ("Hide links"), Whatlinkshere-hideredirs ("Hide redirects") and Whatlinkshere-hideimages ("Hide file links").

Pikne09:40, 6 June 2013

Sort of related: bugzilla:19592 for one "show/hide" message.

Nemo (talk)12:47, 6 June 2013

Arguably, a full redesign of Special:RecentChanges and Special:Watchlist is overdue. I don't support making high impact localisation related changes to those pages that are not part of that redesign, so I'd say that this is "won't fix".

Siebrand19:31, 5 July 2013

Sorry, I don't know much about programming. You mean that implementing what I suggest is way more complex than just toggling e.g. [Show minor edits|Hide minor edits] in place of toggling [Show|Hide] and removing what's after (minor edits) as that would be toggled too inside the new messages?

Are there any other suggestions in case of that sort of grammar issues?

Pikne15:57, 6 July 2013
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Last edit: 16:11, 8 July 2013

Consider using a format that doesn't cause grammatical issues.

A request: Please make your signature link to your user (talk) page. It does not link at all at the moment, so I don't know who you are.

Siebrand16:11, 8 July 2013