Draft changes to Translating:Statistics page

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Draft changes to Translating:Statistics page

This is a collection of links to information and statistics about translatewiki.net. A lot of statistics are included on the special pages. You can browse the special pages by clicking on the link to "Special pages" on the navigation bar.

Statistics about translatewiki.net
  • Special:Statistics shows basic statistics on the pages, edits and users on translatewiki.net.
  • Special:Version contains information about the software used to power translatewiki.net, including information on current software versions, copyright, and extensions installed here.
  • Special:APC shows technical information on the APC Opcode cache.
Statistics about users
Statistics about individual languages
  • Special - Language Statistics generates a list of statistics on translation progress on the message groups for one language, together with links to the translation tool for the message group.
  • Special - Translation Statistics generates a graph of translation activity (numbers of edits or active translators) for one or more languages, and for one or more message groups.
Statistics about projects

At present statistics are available for one project, MediaWiki, only. These statistics are listed on Translating:MediaWiki#Statistics.

End of draft

I propose that the above draft replaces the current page of statistics. If agreed I will check whether we need to redirect any links to the MediaWiki portal, when those statistics, which have already been copied to the portal, are deleted here.

Could we have more group statistics like the statistics on MediaWiki for the other projects?

    Lloffiwr18:38, 1 May 2010