Request for new messages

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Revision as of 11 April 2011 at 20:26.
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Request for new messages

Domain: svgtranslate Reason: first batch of TUSC-integration messages.

  • 'uploading', 'Uploading'
  • 'uploaded', 'The upload completed successfully. The image should now be at $1.'
  • 'description-edit', 'Edit the new description page.'
  • 'error-upload', 'There was an error uploading.'
  • 'th-username', 'TUSC username'
  • 'th-password', 'TUSC password'
  • 'th-method', 'Method'
  • 'option-tusc', 'TUSC automatic upload'
  • 'option-manual', 'Manual upload'


    Jarry125010:47, 10 April 2011

    Not sure what you are asking for. New messages in the message group, updating of source messages so that they are visible here at What exactly?

      Siebrand12:50, 10 April 2011

      Sorry, perhaps I should have been clearer. I am the user of the 'svgtranslate' domain of TsIntuition messages. I have just added a new raft of messages to the code, and I need them exposed to the TranslateWiki/TsIntuition interface. Because of the way the system works, I cannot expose them myself, so I was told to drop a note here:

      (21:04:20) Me: Krinkle: Can I send you a quick email about some new messages I need. (21:04:47) Krinkle: I rather not, I've created a talk page for it, like other translatewiki projects use (21:05:06) Krinkle: (21:05:15) Me: Oh, sure :) That's fine too. (21:05:21) Krinkle: create a subject, enter the keys and values, and it'll be taken care of asap


        Jarry125015:11, 10 April 2011

        Ah, right :). This will happen every now and then. We haven't fully operationalised the Toolserver message groups yet. Please be patient for now.

          Siebrand19:49, 10 April 2011

          Sure, I guess I shall continue to post the lists here?

          On that note, I have some more (again, all svgtranslate domain):

          • 'disclaimer', 'Some anonymous data will be privately collected for statistical purposes. If supplied, TUSC usernames will also be recorded to assist in the event of vandalism. Passwords will never be recorded.'
          • 'author-complete', 'PLEASE COMPLETE AUTHOR INFORMATION'
          • 'preview-hide', 'Hide preview'
          • 'preview-refresh', 'Refresh preview'
            Jarry125017:17, 11 April 2011

            These have been added to SVN. After the next sync you can remove them from your local override config.

            Revision: r85821


            • I've made the message value of author-complete lowercase. You can uppercase this in PHP or with CSS when and where needed (style vs. content)
              Krinkle20:26, 11 April 2011