Where is the summary line in the new interface?

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Summary missing (screenshot #11)

I can't add a description to my edits any more. There is no summary line. Am I missing something? Why does the new interface force me to save everything with empty summary lines? I can't provide a reason or explanation why I think my translation is better then the previous one. Nobody has an idea what I was thinking when I changed a translation. Why was this feature removed? Should I add <!-- HTML comments --> instead? I don't think so. Should I turn my brain off and do not care any more about reasons and overall quality? Is this what this change is about? Turn your brain off and don't care?

This is an other reason why the so called "new interface" is a giant step backwards. I'm really, really sorry to be so negative. But I still have no idea why you think it is better. Because it has a search? It's broken (see screenshot #8). Because it shows the English message? This doesn't help me becaues this cripples everything else including the translation. I can't use the search function of the browser any more. All I want to do is to search for a German translation and make it better. I have no idea what use cases you had in mind when you designed the "new interface". My everyday use case clearly was not considered.

TMg (talk)16:28, 18 April 2013

It is not there at the moment. There is an open issue report for it, bugzilla:46924.

Siebrand14:55, 19 April 2013