Pot and kettle? :)

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Pot and kettle? :)

Hi. Thanks for all your translations!

I saw some midly frustrated edit summaries in your recent translations. Please assume good faith, and do to others what you like to have done to you. If you think a change by someone else, that we assume also wants to improve the translations for the language you are working on, needs discussion, please leave that user a note on their talk page. Eventually this will strengthen your language's translation community and not weaken it.

    Siebrand07:27, 11 August 2012

    I am not doing to anyone what I wouldn't like to get back in return, nor I have caught myself not assuming best possible fate to the reasonable extent. So, please do elaborate why would you think otherwise.

    I believe the Rancher crossed the line with this one:

    "Jezički osećaj ti zakazao, kao i većini sr zajednice." [1]

    Which translates as:

    "Your feeling for language has failed, just as it has for the majority of the SR community."

    Now, you wouldn't happen to be doing something about it, would you? It is a direct insult to the people he already used to disagree about translations. I am not assuming you are biased only because his insulting comments are not in English.

      Mihajlo talk07:35, 11 August 2012

      Another place where Rancher crossed the line. [1] Can you please ask him to refrain from personal attacks?

        Mihajlo talk08:00, 11 August 2012

        The whole quote of mine: "Verbal noun of 'blokirati' is 'blokada', not 'blok'. (Jezički osećaj ti zakazao, kao i većini sr zajednice.)" The sentence in the brackets is a response to his comment "never-heard of that word being used in the sr community. and does not sound right". I just noted that he is not the only one who thinks it sounds wrong. A majority of SR Wikipedia users write in the wrong way ('blok' instead of 'blokada'), but not all of them. Mihajlo must have heard of it before.

        About the second one, I was surprised he didn't know such a basic thing. I can find as many examples as you wish regarding the use of imperative for command buttons (Microsoft, Google, open source projects etc.). He just wants to irritate me for some reason by revoking all of my edits, even after I explained why his translations are no good.

        Mihajlo's quote: "It is inappropriate to revert my edit or initial translation without a discussion". I thought this is a free project where anyone can contribute in their own languages. So I, who made 42.359 edits on this wiki, won't allow anyone to change any of them without my permission / discussion? That's funny. And I do not need to discuss about anything since Mihajlo's translations are simply wrong. I already said why, but I will repeat it once again: 1) Noun forms are not used in messages with command/button text. Imperative form is used instead. 2) You use first-person singular of present tense when translating error messages and actions in progress. For example, "Loading symbols..." should be translated as "Учитавам симболе...", not "Учитавање симбола..." or "The comment could not be submitted" as "Не могу да пошаљем коментар" not "Коментар није могао бити послат". All of this can be found on Serbian portal page.

          Rancher (talk)12:18, 11 August 2012

          So here's what's going to happen: BOTH of you tone down, and sort it out in a civil way. If that doesn't appear to be possible, I'll take action. It's up to you.

            Siebrand12:30, 11 August 2012