Thank you!

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Thank you!

I see you've just made major contributions to the Blockly translation. THANK YOU! Persian is one of the languages we've most wanted to see translated because of its large number of native speakers and paucity of native programming environments. Please let us know if you have any questions or see any problems in our RTL code (or anything else). The translated puzzle app has been up for a while.

    Espertus (talk)15:33, 23 October 2013

    WOW! Really am happy to hear that! But please consider that Google App Engine and Google Code is blocked on Iran (and the link you've provided is blocked for me due Google sanctions). Please consider to migrating to a more freedom place such as Github if is possible :)

      ebraminiotalk15:37, 23 October 2013

      Thank you for pointing that out. Blockly can run entirely client-side, but, as you point out, you do need to get the source code. I'm going to talk to the Google Code team to ask if Google is blocking Iran (I thought it was the other way around) and with my tech lead about a github mirror (although I guess I don't need anyone's permission because it's open source). I'll get back to you soon.

        Espertus (talk)15:48, 23 October 2013

        I opened that link somehow, the Persian language name is typed reveresed on the UI, it is "فارسی" not "پسراف". Can be fixed?

          ebraminiotalk15:45, 23 October 2013