Two more requests from Blockly

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Two more requests from Blockly

We only need 12 more messages translated for the Persian translation to be complete. Would you be willing to take a look?

We'd like to give you credit for your work. How would you like to be listed and linked on our credits page?

Thanks a lot!

    Ellen Spertus (talk)02:30, 19 November 2013

    Done. Thank you. Something like

    Persian (fa)

    • ebraminio (

    would be nice :)

      ebraminiotalk09:00, 19 November 2013

      Super! Credits updated.

        Ellen Spertus (talk)18:23, 19 November 2013

        I want you to be the first to know (if you're awake) that the full [[Persian translation of Blockly] is online. I can't thank you enough for your help.

        I am also happy for the decreased tensions between our countries and the reduced sanctions.

        We're still 15 messages short in Arabic, if you know anyone who can translate those.


          Ellen Spertus (talk)01:41, 26 November 2013

          Thank you so much!

          Yes. I am also :)

          Hmm, I can not help on Arabic but I think User:OsamaK can help. He is an active contributor on Arabic Wikipedia and fortunately he seems is active these days on :)

            ebraminiotalk07:08, 26 November 2013