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I beg you[edit]

Asking for a favor Those translators that were here before in the Chechen section are making enough mistakes in translation and terms. They are also adding or creating words that have no connection with the Chechen language. Literally all of the mistakes have been corrected by me.

Due to their irresponsibility that continues to follow in the near future, I'm asking you to block those unknown admins (as far as I believe they are 4).

One of the admins, whose name is Girdi, is from Island and has no connection to the Chechen language. Special favor to block this admin.

I would like to take the responsibility in the next translations.

Moreover, "namespaceNames" and "magicWords" which were translated by me were not added. Therefore, it's impossible to work with "Category" and "template".

Please take my message into consideration for the future actions. In addition, please try to not allow the other admins to translate and paste words with unacceptable irresponsibility. (Or block those admins from the Chechen section)

I also ask you to allow me to check any of the future translators that would like to translate in the Chechen section in Wikipedia.

- Sasan700 - --Нохчи Сасан Чечен 00:07, 3 June 2010 (UTC)

I beg you[edit]

Hello! I Admin Chechen section of the wiki Sasan700

Could you help me, a solution problems to the Chechen section of Wikipedia

  • The fact is that those uneducated administrators and did not correct translations of the Chechen section of Wikipedia, they were transferred to another meaning with large errors. I have a problem with translations tekushimi category template and others, to remedy the admitted blunders, main actors in the Chechen section of Wikipedia, but here in I can not add their own translations, I have no rights in that section, prithee help me please...
  • That - that I translated, need as urgent change in the root ( mediawiki/languages/messages/MessagesCe.php ), There, the most important terms like "category", "template", written by himself coined the term, not in the Chechen language! which does not match generally. Maybe they do not Chechens, or did not teach their native language, or did not teach their native language, on request not responding.
  • 2) And this (magicWords) that I translated in accordance with the Chechen language, copy this text on link magicWords and please add the full replacement of the court magicWords.
  • I beg you, solve this problem, paying attention to my Message.
  • My e-mail:

Yours respectfully Sasan700 --Нохчи Сасан Чечен 19:33, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

GerardM05:54, 3 June 2010