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Are any of you developers by any chance? We're currently redeveloping our translation editor, and with that our "translation aids API" was completely redesigned. We currently have no glossary or terminology repository support, as we have called it so far, and which is what you're doing.

Ideally you would send a string to a web service, and it would return terms it recognises from the string, with their preferred translation, and possibly a definition of the term, something.

If any of you are interested in work on this, you may want to look at the above link, or if you like standards, consider setting up a FUEL effort for Greek:

Rock on!

Siebrand21:09, 4 January 2013

Hi Siebrand, this is a big thing and unfortunately I am not a developer. I am not also quite sure that I understand what you're asking here. If anyone of the Greek translators is dev and interested by the way I hope he will respond.

Glavkos (talk)08:27, 5 January 2013