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Bumping threads doesn't magically make developers appear, FYI. (Nor does adding the support template, especially without names, but at least that is ok and doesn't generate noise.)

The only way we get collaboration from developers etc. is hard work: finding the most suitable person to answer a question, note it on the support template, contact them where they are (usually email; sometimes talk page or at least IRC if they're Wikimedia people). If you're interested in actually moving forward the support requests for a project or two, as I've done for several years now, I can teach you.

Nemo (talk)08:45, 13 February 2017

So who should I contact? Seanlip?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)08:45, 16 February 2017

Perhaps. Usually I first try to see who added or last changed the message on the project.

Nemo (talk)08:50, 16 February 2017