Please DON'T replace semicolons that are part of "numeric character entity references".

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Please DON'T replace semicolons that are part of "numeric character entity references".

Please be aware that the wiki/HTML code   is the standard way to represent a single ASCII space using a numeric character entity reference. Replace the semicolon in that syntax by Arabic semicolons breaks the encoding, because &#32 no longer means a valid numeric character entity; so instead of the space, we'll see an ampersand, an hash sign, the digits 32 and your incorrect Arabic semicolon.

So learn and read the doc ! Any HTML/wiki sequence that starts by "& and terminated by a ";, and embidding in the middle a Latin symbolic name, or a #</code followed by a decimal or hexadecimal number is the STANDARD way to represent single characters. For various reasons, some characters in the wiki/HTML syntax MUST be represented this way because of syntax limitations (here this is needed to avoid the leading space to be trimmed as it is part of the actual translation).

We've reverted multiple times your past error about them. Stop doing that and look at edit comments, and the documentation displayed along with the messages to translate.

If you continue changing repeatedly these syntaxic semicolons and refuse to look at the documentation and edit comments (where your own edits were already reverted with explicit comments), you are just breaking Mediawiki, and we'll have no other choice than requesting your banning from editing this site as you're breaking existing and perfectly valid work done by others (especially in the core parts of the Mediawiki translation which is complete for Arabic and that you should not break without careful inspection and understanding of what you do).


Verdy p (talk)20:18, 23 August 2019

@Verdy p: Thank you for your guidance، I didn't know these things. Just to clear, my intention is not to break the laws there are many translations that need to be updated. However our contributing community is very small thus I have to work without having discussion on particular translations. I will try to work as per rules. It would be very sorry if I'm blocked from here.

Mehtab ahmed (talk)02:14, 24 August 2019