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A {possibly} troll is ruining my works and efforts

Hey dude.

I'm new here. I registered almost a week ago and started translating FUDforum (I'm a member of FUDforum support forum as well), I found out FUDforum hasn't yet translated into Persian, So I decided to do it myself (I'm a translator). when I started, the project was somehow on ice for like 4 years! and exactly a little after I started doing it, some mysterious destroyer guy shows up and edits and edits for no rational reason. I was busy translating FUDforum messages, until a new user appeared out of nowhere and he has widely messed with all those Edits I'd done and still is editing all my translations & efforts in an unbelievably wrong way (I believe he's a troll).. I beg you, stop this troll, I can't continue working like this and being interfered by such trolls. unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it, people (of course by 'people' I mean trolls, cuz u know, normal people won't try to act that much lawlessly in such communities in where people, and coordinately the job they're doing is damn serious and definitely not like playing with a toy) can easily ruin everything u have done. unfortunately translatewiki has no clear rule as to prevent such trolls

Is it possible that I can have my own separated privacy while doing it? without any other trolls sabotaging my works?

the guy I'm talking about:

he just edits and edits without even asking, cuz it's what he does: ruin everything intentionally

I wonder if there is any policy which can stop these weird internet creatures ?seriously, how TW can Guarantee that my edits are protected from being ruined by trolls here

just let's have a look and find out:

Regards, Amin

I could block him. Can you tell me what he wrote on your talk page?

\m/etalhead 12:23, 29 August 2014