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Revision as of 11 May 2014 at 14:59.
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Sorry, I don't know if you're the right person for this but help is needed. This user (Luckas [ talk · contribs ]) is changing translations from European Portuguese to Brazilian. He was warned and reverted but insists on that change. See his contributions for more details please.

    VítoR™ (♪)15:26, 10 May 2014

    When he doesn't stop changing messages, I can block him. Please let me know further misbehaviour.

      \m/etalhead 15:45, 10 May 2014

      I hope it stops. I'm reverting his incorrect changes for minutes!

        VítoR™ (♪)15:51, 10 May 2014

        First of all, I'm not a vandal, as this user above tries to say. As I don't intend to make this a war, some words are very similar (only one letter different), these ones I agree to revert, but this represent only a few messages. The real problem comes now:

        Let's make some things clear:

        • There are two main countries that speak Portuguese: Brazil and Portugal. According to Brazil has 3% of page views in wikipedia and Portugal has 0.4%. That's a big difference, but in fact, the pt version, is an european portuguese version, because most of messages were translated by portuguese editors. What I wanna do is changing some words to brazilian version, because we are much more users.
        • In the past, there was a "pt-pt" (european portuguese) version, but was removed due to lack of translations
        • Some users (not brazilians) translated a lot of messages in pt-br, and I had to correct some. If you want to block someone, block these editors who translated a version they don't speak.
        • I remember the namespace "User" was "Usuário" and somebody changed to "Utilizador", and I didn't see this user complaining about it.
          Luckas (talk)18:46, 10 May 2014

          What? That's just stupid... "because we are much more users"?? Messages for Brazilian version is under the category "pt-br". The other category ("pt") is for the European Portuguese version, end of story.

            VítoR™ (♪)22:11, 10 May 2014

            "The other category ("pt") is for the European Portuguese version, end of story."

            YOU ARE KIDDING!!! Where is it written that pt is European Portuguese? Do you know in the past there were pt-pt (really European Portuguese) and it was removed?

              Luckas (talk)23:26, 10 May 2014

              LOL? Don't be ridiculous... With just a little research on the internet it's easy to find that language code "pt" corresponds to Portuguese of Portugal (European Portuguese)! So the "pt-pt" category was redundant in this case!

                VítoR™ (♪)23:51, 10 May 2014

                Still waiting for a proof.

                  Luckas (talk)00:18, 11 May 2014

                  Do a search on the internet and stop creating accounts to revert me.

                    VítoR™ (♪)13:01, 11 May 2014

                    First, you have not proved anything yet. And most interesting, pt version is default on portuguese projects, so the majority of users (most from brazil) are reading an entirely european version, because pt-br only appears if you chenge your preferences. Brilliant.

                      Luckas (talk)14:59, 11 May 2014