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Help for namespace

Hello. I'm contributor (since 2011) and administrator (recently) in Mongolian Wikipedia. In Mongolian Wikipedia should change some Namespace name in headline bar. Especially "Category". But i can't discover editing source. How can suit this.

In my opinion〈Category:〉 namespace — should not 〈Ангилал:〉, but should 〈Анги:〉. Example: 〈Ангилал:Франц〉 → 〈Анги:Франц〉

    MongolWiki (talk)00:20, 13 April 2014

    See Translating:MediaWiki#Translating_namespace_names: [1]. You should have a local discussion to confirm this though, e.g. at portal talk:mn with a link where other editors will see it.

      Nemo (talk)05:06, 13 April 2014

      Thank you. Here discussion begin.

        MongolWiki (talk)05:29, 14 April 2014

        I used "Extended MediaWiki translation". But it doesn't work in our Wikipedia headline. What problem, pls? Can you explain it?

          MongolWiki (talk)01:58, 19 April 2014