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Hi! İ tried to edit the page MediaWiki:Babel-1/sr, in order to improve the translation, but İ can’t. İ made the change in sr-ec and sr-el pages, but if the page MediaWiki:Babel-1/sr isn’t changed, the text on the template won’t be changed. For example, on my userpage, the old text is still there. Could you do something about it, please? Thanks in advance!

    Josep Maria Roca Peña (talk)23:12, 1 October 2018

    No. The title is locked by an translation administrator for the following reason: This language code should remain unused. Localise in sr-ec please.

      \m/etalhead 08:02, 2 October 2018

      And what should İ do to update the template? İf İ change only the sr-ec version, the Babel template when İ add Serbian remains unchanged. What can we do instead?

        Josep Maria Roca Peña (talk)10:20, 2 October 2018