Translating messages

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Translating messages

Hello Miya,

could you point me where MediaWiki:Seealso/hr is used. If it is merely a part of the local Commons interface, then it shouldn't be translated here.

Only those definitions (mediawiki messages) which have its definition here on translatewiki should be translated. Namely, MediaWiki:Seealso/qqq doesn't exist, because the mediawiki message isn't used any more.

More importantly, messages that are shared accross projects are normally translated, those used only locally are not to be translated. Hope this helps. Thanks for your contribution. Kind regards,

Bugoslav (razgovor) 07:21, srijeda, 4. listopada 2017. (SEV)05:21, 4 October 2017

Hello Bugoslav.

I posted it, because these translations (below) were not here:

  • MediaWiki:Seealso/ga
  • MediaWiki:Seealso/hr
  • MediaWiki:Seealso/nds
  • MediaWiki:Seealso/no
  • MediaWiki:Seealso/uk
  • MediaWiki:Seealso/yue,

while there are nearly a hundred of "MediaWiki:Seealso/qqq"s are.

Sorry if it was a wrong thing!

miya (talk)14:18, 4 October 2017