Tools for counting users' contributions for bbc-latn

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Tools for counting users' contributions for bbc-latn

Hi Nike, is there any edit count tools in for us to know any/all users' contributions for bbc-latn? Our group in Jakarta has been translating in that language, and we plan to give small prize for some of the most active users. Thanks.

    Naval Scene (talk)13:11, 13 May 2013

    Hello, I think Special:SupportedLanguages is the only way to do that, currently. By creating Portal:Bbc-latn/translators I managed to make the language appear on the page; you should try fetching the usernames from recent changes and/or, add them to the subpage and see if counts are generated.

      Nemo (talk)17:29, 13 May 2013

      Naval Scene, I saw you added some names, did you find what you needed?

        Nemo (talk)18:01, 26 May 2013

        Two of the names are struck through. I have opened a separate thread to get the whole list reviewed.

          Lloffiwr (talk)18:20, 1 June 2013