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Babel userbox messages

Following the request in the previous comment on this page, you translated the Babel messages in gom-latn a few years ago. Unfortunately, the "userbox messages" don't seem to be getting displayed on the Goan Konkani Wikipedia when a user specifies, say, {{#babel:gom-0}} (or, equivalently, {{#babel:{{CONTENTLANG}}-0}}) — see the "gom-0" userbox message on my user page, for example. I don't suppose you know how to fix this? Note that using {{#babel:gom-latn-0}} does show your translation (without any wikilinks, however), and even using {{#babel:gom-deva-0}} seems to work, despite the fact that the corresponding messages in gom-deva are completely untranslated! (??) Note also that there are no messages to be translated in just gom (script unspecified). So, how do we get Babel messages for "gom-0", "gom-1", etc., to show up at gomwiki?

dcljr (talk)22:21, 26 July 2016