Thank you from Blockly!

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Thank you from Blockly!

THANK YOU for your work translating Blockly into Spanish, our highest-priority language (because of its popularity in the US and around the world). The translated puzzle and maze have been up for a long time (I'm way overdue in thanking you), and we hope to have all of Blockly available in Spanish soon.

We've added you to our list of contributors. Please let us know if you prefer to be credited in a different way.

    Espertus (talk)22:37, 25 October 2013

    Hello, I'm glad to hear that. I hope my translations are OK and you can use them to your software and products. I have seen the two links and look cool. Also thank you for including me in your list, it's ok as it is :)

      VegaDark (talk)22:20, 26 October 2013

      I realize I have some questions for you: Do you speak European Spanish or Latin American Spanish? Could you tell me how different the two are for the terminology used by Blockly? That will help us decide whether to solicit a second translation.

      By the way, the English we use is Canadian English. (Blockly's creator is Canadian.) The only difference from U.S. English that has come up is "colour" vs. "color".

        Ellen Spertus (talk)23:06, 26 October 2013

        I speak Latin American Spanish. The difference is that Spain uses the present perfect tense in the most cases, while Latin America doesn't.

          VegaDark (talk)17:27, 27 October 2013