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Pageviews Analysis translations

Hello! I see you are one of the main French translators for Translating:Pageviews Analysis. Someone reported a spelling mistake at meta:Special:Permalink/17353136#Spelling mistake (erreur d'orthographe à corriger). I do not speak French so I can't say if this is correct. Could you take a look, and if necessary, update the messages? Thank you!!

    MusikAnimal talk16:16, 23 October 2017

    First point : Description of the 'category' source in the Massviews tool. This is shown below the input field, and also in the FAQ. $1 is a link to a page describing what a category is, with the message 'category' as the link text.

    I am doubtful about the gender of $1 in "Get the pageviews of pages in a $1" ; $1='catégorie' is female so the suggestion is accepted. $1='PagePile' doesnt exist in french. It is a compound word based on 'pile' which is female. So both terms match with a female style ... ok, but problem will be when $1 represents a masculine entity.

    I ve corrected: Old text-> Obtenir le nombre de vues des pas dans un $1 New text-> Obtenir le nombre de vues des pages dans une $1

    2nd point: Obtenir le nombre de pages vues renvoyé par une recherche, en utilisant le moteur CirrusSearch

    Here Gomoko has translated as if the NUMBER is returned by CirrusSearch engine. You need to clarify me: what doest the CirrusSearch engine return ? if it is a number of pages, the translation is good (masculine singular related to NUMBER). If CirrusSearch engine returns a list of PAGES then the text must be corrected using (feminin, plural related to PAGES) as suggested in the remark. => please clarify Thank you.

      Christian (talk)18:17, 23 October 2017

      Both of these messages are similar in that $1 is a link. For the Wikimedia:Pageviews-massviews-search-description/fr message specifically, $1 is a link to the CirrusSearch help page with "CirrusSearch" as the link text. I'm not sure if this is the best way to do this, if not, I apologize.

      Thanks for your assistance!

        MusikAnimal talk18:30, 23 October 2017

        Added: reloading Topviews interface page appears not modified. May be wait more, or require the replication of translations for the correction to be effective on the tool page.

          Christian (talk)18:31, 23 October 2017