Xtools-error-rate-limit-login reversion

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Xtools-error-rate-limit-login reversion

Your reversion of that lego message results in the combined message: "Veuillez connexion pour éviter les limites dûes au seuil." See the doc. Surely "Veuillez connexion" is not grammatical?

McDutchie (talk)00:24, 11 January 2019

Horror ! Should sound as something as "Veuillez vous connecter pour éviter les limites dûes au seuil." i'll check how i can improve ....

..ok i have cancelled my cancellation and restored McDutchie -sorry- . "cohérence of message 'logon' " is the word 'connexion' that's what i wanted to say but if it appears in the text as $1 is must be reconsidered. On the other side you will agree with me that 'a label for a link to login' as a link is not very clear.

The label for a link to login, the $1 in Xtools-error-rate-limit-login-big (« Veuillez $1 pour éviter les limites dûes au seuil. »).

Thanks you for rereading.

ChristianW (talk)18:08, 13 January 2019

I've changed Wikimedia:Xtools-error-rate-limit-login/qqq to hopefully make it clearer. If you can think of a way to put it better, please feel free to edit it further.

McDutchie (talk)00:43, 20 February 2019