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Thanks for the translation. I was using the term projet cadre based on the translation from Termium (the government of Canada translation site) and looking through where the term umbrella project is used on federal government websites, they translate this to projet cadre as well. I help manage the platform which is where this translation ends up and in some of our messaging we've used that term (projet cadre) so I was looking to make sure this was consistent between our messaging and what appears on Do you have insight into which term is best and why perhaps the instances on the government website would use projet cadre instead of projet chapeau? For a bit of context, the umbrella projects in iNaturalist basically allows several individual projects that people create to be combined into one "umbrella project" that tallies the results of each of those individual ones.

JamesP (talk)12:51, 3 May 2018

Hi James. 'chapeau' comes from verb 'chapeauter' -covering with a hat- will be was we use in France. That means something above and covering several instances. Can be also 'père' = father. Saying 'un projet père' or 'un projet chapeau' will be understood, but un 'projet cadre' will left the people doubtful. I have effectively cancelled one of your translations. But you have made a pass for coherence so as long as you keep the same translation, and the project is locally used in CAN I think you can invalidate my cancel to restore your work. Thank you.

Christian (talk)13:10, 3 May 2018