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<languages  />
<languages  />
{{{{Localized|Intro}}|ns=Translating|Translatable|What can be translated|width=auto}}
{{{{Localized|Intro}}|ns=Translating|Translatable|Нәрсәне тәрҗемә итәргә мөмкин|width=auto}}
{{ {{Localized|ProcessNavigation}} }}
{{ {{Localized|ProcessNavigation}} }}
==Нәрсәдән башларга==
==Нәрсәдән башларга==

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Getting started
Translation tutorial
How to start
See also
Localisation guidelines
Translating offline

Нәрсәдән башларга

translatewiki.net тәрҗемәчесе булу өчен әлеге адымнарны башкарып чыгыгыз

Off-line translation

In translation mode, you can export a message group to a gettext .po file using the option "⧼translate-task-export-as-po⧽", and translate in the downloaded file off-line. Make sure you save the gettext .po file as UTF-8! More information on off-line translation.

Recommended process for translating MediaWiki

Translators of other projects can ignore this list.

Read on if you want to know more. Reading on is not required, although advised for a proper understanding of more advanced localisation features. You could spend a few days translating, though, and come back when you think you need more information.

Онытмагыз: сылтамаларны, исемнәрне, хәбәрләрне ничек бар, шулай тәрҗемә итергә кирәк. Оригиналдан читкә тайпылмагыз!