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<p style="font-size:bigger;font-weight:bold"><translate><!--T:1--> Welcome to documentation hub!</translate></p>
<p style="font-size:larger;font-weight:bold"><translate><!--T:1--> Welcome to documentation hub!</translate></p>
== for translators == <!--T:2-->
== for translators == <!--T:2-->

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Welcome to documentation hub! for translators

This section contains documentation on how to use this site.

  1. Overview of translation aids
  2. Overview of provided statistics
  3. Maybe your question is answered in the FAQ, if not just ask.

More detailed help pages of functionality:

  1. Introduction to localisation
  2. Navigating
  3. Translation guidelines

More specific info can be found on the pages of each supported project. for developers

  1. Overview of provided statistics
  2. How to get a new project into
  3. Maybe your question is answered in the FAQ, if not just ask. management

For information about site configuration, please see Category:Management.

Translate extension

Index of Translate extension documentation (