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Translation and localisation is important in general, because it allows people who do not have knowledge of English to use computer software. MediaWiki is used for example to run Wikipedia in many languages, and therefore translating MediaWiki directly helps people to access free knowledge in their own language. More about the terms at Gettext documentation and Wikipedia. Here at we build and continuously improve infrastructure for easy localisation of open source projects and free written documents. We strive to achieve our two aims.

Our first aim is efficiency. To increase efficiency of the process, we integrate tightly into the development process of the software to have small turn-around times. In addition, we develop tools to automate integration of translations. This relieves the individual translators to only concentrate in producing the best translations possible.

Our second aim is collaboration. The whole system is built on a wiki. MediaWiki is popular wiki engine that provides framework for building collaborative communities. We encourage translators to help each other across project and language boundaries in multiple ways, and act as a glue between developers and translators.

Jums nereikia žinoti, kaip programuoti. Jei esate susipažinę su wiki programine įranga, galite greitai sužinoti, kaip naudotis Vienintelis reikalavimas yra geras kalbos mokėjimas, interneto naršyklė ir plačios pažiūros.

Pagrindinis projektas - MediaWiki - šiuo metu naudojamas daugiau nei 250 kalbomis. gauna atnaujinimų daugiau nei 100 kalbų kiekvieną mėnesį.