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Kiwix (homepage) is an offline reader for files in the ZIM format.

Use support for i18n/L10n related questions.

Translation threshold: messages for a language are exported to Kiwix when at least 35% have been translated.

As of March 2012, plural formatting is not needed on any Kiwix messages, and is not yet supported on Kiwix.

Translating offline

If you're more comfortable using an offline editor, set the correct user language and export translations to a .po file.

Note that .po files exported from translatewiki contain extra information to support round-tripping correctly. They cannot be used elsewhere. Submit them back through for merging and normalization. You need the "offline" user right; be sure to request it, or you will not be able to use the submit interface.

If using POedit, be sure to use version 1.4 or later -- earlier versions will corrupt the .po files.



  • statistics (Languages with translation percentage above 35% are committed to version control). Note: translating plugins does not make sense before the threshold has been made for StatusNet core.


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