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Мы шукаем больш праектаў! Не саромейцеся звязацца з намі і абмеркаваць, як ваш праект можа быць дададзеным да Мы цэнім працу перакладчыкаў добраахвотнікаў, гэта азначае, што мы шукаем здаровыя праекты, якія актыўна развіваюцца ў агляднай будучыні. Мы таксама падкрэсліваем важнасць сувязі паміж перакладчыкамі і распрацоўшчыкамі. Ніжэй кароткі пералік таго важнага, што мы спадзяемся ўбачыць у новым праекце, і працэсы якімі неабходна кіраваць пасля прыняцця.

Мы патрабуем...

Адкрытасць Мы прымаем толькі праекты з вольнымі ліцэнзіямі і адкрытым крынічным кодам. Мы самі вырашаем, якія праекты падтрымліваць. Нашыя вытокі паходзяць з МэдыяВікі ды Вікімэдыі, і для нас гэта найбольшыя вартасьці. Калі вашая праграма ня вольная, але вы тым ня меней хочаце выкарыстоўваць гэтае праграмнае забесьпячэньне, глядзіце дакумэнтацыю.
Development The new project should be in active development and using a version control system. We are already familiar with CVS, Subversion and Git. The project should have periodic releases or another way to update translations. Time to get translation into use (TIU) should be minimized. There are multiple ways to get translations into use faster, which can be discussed.
Integration Once content for your project has been translated at, ideally staff is able to integrate the changes back into your product. This requires a language addition procedure and commit access (with direct push) for at least one staff member, to ensure that the work of translators will actually be integrated. staff have a lot of experience of committing to various source control systems.

We like...

i18n support
i18n support We only support the UTF-8 character encoding. Support in the i18n framework for applications for variables, multiple different plurals, and right-to-left languages is preferred. Having support for grammatical forms is something we think should always be considered, and also support for gender of the user where the user is spoken to directly or other users are mentioned in interface texts. This area is often where most problems and delays come from; try and check our Localisation for developers tips to avoid them.
Communication A developer from the project should be active in to answer questions, notify about coming releases, coordinate with the project's developer group, etc. Our approach to localisation works best when knowledge flows as freely as possible between developer communities and translator communities. The project liaison plays a very important role in that.
File formats
File formats The system is based on translation files. Use of key-based file formats is preferred, like Java properties and Ruby-style YAML. Other supported file formats are PHP arrays, PHP variables and Gettext. Let us know if you have a different format in mind; in our experience, support for a file format is relatively easy for you to add, if you're proficient in PHP.

Still interested? Good. Please contact us, on our IRC channel #mediawiki-i18n at freenode, by e-mail, or at our support page. Though, nothing beats good real-time chat to solve any possible issues and to get things going. If you want to explore some more first, then try the localisation for developers page.