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We'r luikin fer mair waurks! Dinna swither in contactin us n discuss hou yer waurk can be eikit til We value the wairk o oor volunteer owerseters, this means that we'r luikin fer heelthie waurks that ar acteevelie deveeloopit fer the foreseeable futur. Mairower we emphasize the communication atween the owerseters n deveeloopers. Ablo is ae short leet heilichtin whit we'r hopin tae see in ae new waurk, n whit processes need tae be managed yince acceptit.

We need...

Apenness We yinlie accept waurks that uise ae free n apen soorce license. We hae tae mak choices in whit we want tae support directlie. Cause oor oreegin lies in MediaWiki n Wikimedia, this is ae core value fer us. Gif yer appleecation's no free, but ye'd still like tae uise the same saffware, see the documentation.
Deveeloopment The new waurk shid be in acteeve deveeloopment n uisin ae version control system. We'r awreadie familiar wi CVS, Subversion n Git. The waurk shid hae periodic releases or anither wa tae update owersets. Time tae get owersets intil uiss (TIU) shid be kept the smaaest. Thaur's monie waas tae get owersets intil uiss faster, n thir can be discussed.
Integration Yince content fer yer waurk haes been owerset at, ideallie staff ar able tae integrate the chynges back intil yer product. This needs ae lied eikin procedure n commit access (wi direct push) fer at least yin staff memmer, tae ensure that the wairk o owerseters will actuallie be integratit. staff hae ae lot o experience o committin til varioos soorce control seestems.

We lik...

i18n support
i18n support We yinlie support the UTF-8 chairacter encodin. Support in the i18n framewairk fer appleecations fer variables, monie different plurals, n Richt-til-cair leids is preferred. Haein support fer graimmateecal forms is sommit that we think shid awweys be considered, mairatower, support fer gender o the uiser whaur the uiser is spoken til directlie or ither uisers ar mentioned in interface texs. This aurie is affen whaur the maist proablems n delays come fae; ettle tae see oor Localisation fer deveeloopers tips tae avoid thaim.
Communication Ae deveelooper fae the waurk shid be acteeve in tae answer speirins, speak aneat comin releases, coordinate wi the waurk's deveeliper groop, etc. Oor approach til localisation wairks best whan knowledge flaws aes freelie aes possible atween deveeliper communities n owerseter communities. The waurk liaison pleys aen awfa important role in that.
File formats
File formats The system is based oan owerset files. Uiss o key-based file formats is preferred, like Java properties n Ruby-style YAML. Ither supported file formats ar PHP arrays, PHP variables n Gettext. Let us ken gif ye hae ae different format in mynd; in oor expereeance, support fer ae file format is relateevelie easie fer ye tae eik, gif ye'r profeeciant in PHP.

Still interested? Good. You can contact us via,

If you want to explore some more first, then try the localisation for developers page.