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Руководство по переводу
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Рекомендации по локализации
Работа без непосредственного доступа

Это страница справки для участников, которые хотят работать над переводами в автономном режиме.

In Special:Translate you can export a message group to a .po/gettext file, and work on that offline. You can upload or import your translations if you have "offline translator rights" (you can make a request for those after you have proven to be a reliable online translator). For first time submissions, please compress your gettext file and e-mail it to "translatewiki AT translatewiki DOT net" referencing your user name. Your first submission will be imported by a staff member.

WARNING: make sure you are using POedit version 1.4.2 or newer if you are using that package, otherwise "msgctxt" lines will be dropped and your work cannot be processed.

For other technical suggestions, warnings and notes about usage of the offline translation feature, please see the documentation.

Clicking a link below will give you a .po/gettext file download for your language as set in Special:Preferences. This file has a UTF-8 encoding.

The above links are tailored to MediaWiki. On Special:LanguageStats you can go to any group, and select there "Export" then select "Export for off-line translation" to export to gettext.

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