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<div class="errorbox">'''Support for this project has been discontinued.'''</div>
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[[Image:Shapado-logo.png|right|Shapado logo]]
:<big class="plainlinks"> → [{{FULLURL:{{#special:translate}}|group=out-shapado-0-all}} Translate this project] | [{{FULLURL:{{#special:recentchanges}}|namespace=1226&translations=only}} Recent changes]</big>
'''Shapado''' ([http://shapado.com homepage]) is free and open source Q&A software. Shapado is licensed under the [http://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl-3.0.html GNU Affero General Public License] and [http://gitorious.org/shapado the source code is freely available].
== Translator map ==
It is possible to translate Shapado on translatewiki.net. User [[User:Siebrand|Siebrand]] coordinates the localization of Shapado. User [[User:patcito|Patcito]] is the developer contact. Questions about the translation of Shapado can be asked [[Translating_talk:Shapado|on the talk page for this page]].
{{Project map|Shapado translators}}
Translations from translatewiki.net are integrated into the software every other week or so. These will then be available to users of Shapado.com in the next new release of Shapado.
This product has many message groups. Message groups with a translation percentage above 75% are committed to version control. Support for a language is only enabled on a total localisation level of 50% or more.
* [[/stats]]
== Activity ==
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Support for this project has been discontinued.
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