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Wikipedia Mobile is a cross-platform mobile & tablet application for reading and, in time, contributing to Wikipedia (primarily) and other MediaWiki wikis (not yet implemented).

Initially targeting Android, the app is built using HTML5/JavaScript plus PhoneGap and customizations for tighter OS integration. iOS, Windows Mobile 7, and other platforms will be supported from the same code base.

The code is released under an MIT-style license. (citation needed)

Translation threshold: (unset? default?)

new translators, if you see "protected namespace" message, you should request translator rights by following these steps

Translation flow

Regular updates have not yet started; the Android app is still in provisional testing and isn't available in the market yet.

Expected flow will be something on the order of:

  • updates available in git source within ~24 hours
  • updates should be available in nightly builds of Android app within ~24-48 hours (not yet built)
  • updates should reach release to Android Market and others within .... ????

Translating notes

MediaWiki and Wikipedia jargon may appear; see Translating:MediaWiki#Translation notes for more general references.

The application uses the same localization framework as MediaWiki's JavaScript-based code. Message parameter format is the same as MediaWiki: $1, $2 etc.

However, functions such as {{PLURAL:}} are not currently available as they are in other parts of MediaWiki.

Translating offline

If you're more comfortable using an offline editor, set the correct user language and export translations to a .po file.

Note that .po files exported from translatewiki contain extra information to support round-tripping correctly. They cannot be used elsewhere. Submit them back through for merging and normalization. You need the "offline" user right; be sure to request it, or you will not be able to use the submit interface.

If using POedit, be sure to use version 1.4 or later -- earlier versions will corrupt the .po files.



Translator map

Add yourself to map

Open support requests

  1. Support/About Wikimedia:Wikipedia-android-strings-dialog page issues/ksh
  2. Support/About Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-migration-prompt-title/en