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If you need help or want to make a request regarding the Toolserver translation project, please create a thread below.

Requests such as the following:

Request a new tool to be added

Be sure you pass the following requirements:

    • Include a URL to a working version of it as hosted on
    • The tool is in an SVN repository (or other public location) where the source code can be found (Tools translated by TranslateWiki must be open-source).
    • To easen the transition from English to multi-lingual it is recommended you start using the TsIntuition class in your tool before placing your request here. You can create a local development i18n-file and load it in the class as if it synced from translatewiki to the central i18n directory. Read more about this here at Toolserver wiki. By preparing your English messages like that you will save us from having to generate that file and yourself the trouble of a complicated switch. This way, once it's in TranslateWiki all you have to do is delete your local file and remove the call to $I18N->loadTextdomainFromFile().
    • Document your tool on
      (a simple page with {{Tool}} is enough)

Modify original messages

Modify messages in the source language (English) which require FUZZY to be run.

Include the message-key and text-domain of the message and why it should be modified and your proposed change.