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Potlatch 2

Can anyone tell me/us, when Potlatch 2 will be available for translation? Or is it hapenning somewhere else?

Papuass14:06, 27 April 2011

We have not been contacted about this for any developer types. From what I have seen, the i18n is through compiled flash files. We do not support that. I would advise you to inform with the OSM developer community.

Siebrand14:20, 27 April 2011

Not exactly true, we have had little contact, but last time it(i18n) was nowhere near ready yet.

Nike08:32, 28 April 2011

Nonsense. There is localisation for German, UK English, US English, French and Polish in code.swf files.

Siebrand08:40, 28 April 2011

Nonsense. Those few messages are just scratch of the surface.

Nike21:33, 29 April 2011

As those a binary files, I have no idea what's in there...

Siebrand23:54, 29 April 2011

It is possible to translate the most visible messages using .properties files. I’ve gotten those messages translated into Vietnamese by filing ticket 3746 in OpenStreetMap Trac. The l10n files all live in git.

Minh Nguyễn (talk, contribs)01:49, 30 November 2011

Interesting. Thanks, I'll look into this.

Siebrand10:09, 30 November 2011


Nike (talk)11:32, 2 December 2011

I've been given commit access to the Potlatch2 github repo, so I can start looking into getting it supported here.

Siebrand18:29, 17 January 2012

Great, keep us posted. P2 has been long on my todo list, but since it's Flash and needs special software I haven't ever looked into it.

Nike (talk)20:47, 17 January 2012

I don't have Flash either, but the .properties files are plain text, similar to the formats of some other projects already supported here.

If you're talking about making changes to the software itself (to further internationalize it, for instance), the OpenStreetMap Wiki has a guide to getting started. It requires the Flex SDK, which is open source and cross-platform. Hope that helps.

Minh Nguyễn (talk, contribs)05:39, 14 February 2012

Support now active.

Siebrand15:16, 27 February 2012

There seems to be a discrepancy in this message:

To delete a point, select the way and click the Delete Item button...
To delete a way, select the way and click the Delete Item button...

Shouldn't the first line mean "select the point"?

Anakmalaysia (talk)08:32, 27 February 2012

Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.

Siebrand15:11, 27 February 2012

Update the OSM website catalan translation.


First, thanks for your work.

Please, could you send the new catalan translation of OSM website. The current translation have errors in some entries that affect to the web usability.


Thanks again and see you.

Sim6 (talk)11:11, 27 January 2012

This was done yesterday.

Siebrand15:30, 31 January 2012

Thank you very match!

Sim6 (talk)00:20, 8 February 2012

Group "OpenStreetMap" versus group "OpenStreetMap - Website"

Why do we have the message group "OpenStreetMap" and "OpenStreetMap - Website" with what looks like the same content? If one of them is just a pointer to the other wouldn't it do with just one of them? It is just confusing with two.

Dittaeva (talk)13:37, 1 February 2012

Because there used to be another OSM group that was part of the OSM aggregate group, and there will be another in the future.

Siebrand17:53, 1 February 2012

What is parameter $1 here? (I suppose it is a site name.) Thanks!

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 18:26, 15 December 2009
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 12:04, 4 September 2011

Yeah it's either "Twitter" or "" at the moment but might be more later (e.g. Wordpress now has a Twitter API).

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason21:42, 15 December 2009

This message should use PLURAL for both parameters.

EugeneZelenko (talk)13:54, 3 November 2011

I have asked OSM developers for help on this issue.

Siebrand21:13, 12 January 2012

I've pushed a fix for this - note this key has actually been replaced by new ones to avoid conflicts with any old translations.

TomH (talk)12:24, 14 January 2012

More thanks, Tom!

Siebrand16:17, 14 January 2012

This message should use PLURAL.

EugeneZelenko (talk)15:03, 10 November 2011

I have asked OSM developers for help on this issue.

Siebrand21:13, 12 January 2012

I've pushed a fix for this - note this key has actually been replaced by new ones to avoid conflicts with any old translations.

TomH (talk)12:24, 14 January 2012

Thanks Tom!

Siebrand16:16, 14 January 2012

This message should use PLURAL for both parameters.

EugeneZelenko (talk)14:44, 19 October 2011

Ruby plurals are only possible on one parameter in a message. Yay for half-assed i18n frameworks by native English speakers. Please make a bug report in the OpenStreetMap tracker.

Siebrand23:08, 30 October 2011

That message isn't actually used at the moment, as we don't use the ruby GPX importer and the C one which we do use doesn't use the rails translations.

TomH (talk)09:52, 13 January 2012

Can you remove it, then?

Siebrand17:35, 13 January 2012

Well what I don't know is if anybody else is using the ruby importer.

Anyway one day I should get around to sorting out a way for the C code to do localised emails, which might wind up using the ruby strings...

TomH (talk)12:23, 14 January 2012

The text of this message is "Connects to $1 $2 and $3 other $4". parameters $1 and $3 are numerical, $2 and $4 represent any objects. Do parameters $2 and $4 refer to any OSM messages and if yes, to which ones? For the parameters $2 and $4 the Plural rule is needed in Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian. But simple parameters cannot be declined. Only the text they represent. Thanks.

Michawiki19:42, 29 November 2010

I have asked Avar for help.

Siebrand19:31, 17 January 2011

Can someone please provide a link to the tl version of this website?

AnakngAraw20:20, 22 April 2011

You'll have to choose a tl interface.

Siebrand21:07, 12 January 2012

Since this message is the name of a specific website, shouldn't it be marked optional?

McDutchie (talk)01:47, 4 December 2011

I marked this optional. Thanks for spotting it.

Siebrand21:05, 12 January 2012

SSL is acronym and should be capitalized.

EugeneZelenko (talk)15:12, 15 December 2011

Done Done Thanks for spotting.

Siebrand18:11, 20 December 2011

Should the examples be localized as well? I.e. should I translate 'post offices near...' etc. to my language and use places in my locality/country in place of the English examples?

Anakmalaysia (talk)04:34, 28 November 2011

You can localise the examples, as far as I know.

Siebrand23:06, 28 November 2011

Yes, but preferably try first that the searches work.

Nike (talk)10:53, 2 December 2011

Guide to writing PLURAL forms on openstreet map

Can someone write, on the Shapado project page, an explanation for translators on how to write PLURAL forms in Open Street Map messages, with an example of the syntax needed? Also, can you explain there whether PLURAL is automatically enabled for all messages, or whether we need to request it to be enabled on individual messages.

Lloffiwr (talk)19:14, 6 November 2011

German localisation of OSM

Hi Siebrand, I recently made and found some horrifying mistakes which are now live. I do not know how the automatic update process works, however it would be nice to send my corrections to them. Thank you! Cheers

kgh19:27, 5 May 2010

Usually they are committed within a few days and updated a few days after, so say within a week things will be better.

Siebrand06:28, 6 May 2010

Thanks for your reply and information. Thus I hope for the best and sweat blood in the meantime. ;-) Cheers

kgh12:07, 6 May 2010

Is it still true that OSM updates every few days. I have added the commit frequency information to the project page assuming this is true.

Lloffiwr21:08, 17 August 2011

Not really. Make that every few weeks.

Siebrand15:06, 20 August 2011

Wikimedia Mobile Interface messages too Wikipedia-centric

from Support/Archive/2009/6:

EugeneZelenko 14:54, 1 August 2009 (UTC)

The mobile interface offers only Wikipedia pages at the moment. --Purodha Blissenbach 07:54, 2 August 2009 (UTC)
Still only Wikipedia? Boivie 06:47, 5 August 2011 (UTC)
Boivie06:47, 5 August 2011

Yes, it seems so. I tried various other ones and got "Not found: no mobile service for this domain" all the time. Yet I do not expect it to remain so on the long run. --Purodha Blissenbach 12:36, 5 August 2011 (UTC)

12:36, 5 August 2011

Hoi, the messages are Wikipedia centred because the software was designed to help only Wikipedia. Now that the functionality is moving towards PHP and is integrated in MediaWiki, things will change.

GerardM16:34, 7 August 2011

Pushing open street map translations to

Hello How often are translations of open street map website pushed to openstreetmap guys? Thank you

Perkunas08:21, 7 April 2011

Once every few weeks. We have no idea how often the OpenStreetMap website is updated after that.

Last time was March 6, 2011. I'll do an export and commit now asit is about time.

Siebrand11:44, 7 April 2011

Done Done

Siebrand11:56, 7 April 2011

Thank you! (OSM website has updated 2 days after your commit)

Perkunas08:27, 9 April 2011

Cool. Thanks for the update.

Siebrand17:52, 9 April 2011

Could anybody do anything in order it is updated? I made some changes in the Spanish translation one month ago (includding some with the message FUZZY!!) and still waiting the update.

PS: Excuse my English.

Mor19:13, 2 August 2011

wrong showing Persian characters

Hi all, We participated in OSM project for Persian language . me and my friends translated most of tags but when i checked website in Persian view it has many wrongs with right to left handed texts so many of our texts are messy and it doesn't have correct shape like "ایستگاه اتوبوس" (for "bus stop") in page: it must be like this text but it shows like "ستگا اتوبوس یا"! I don't know what should I do? In it looks fine! another point this problem is for some word not all of them! Reza1615 16:30, 9 March 2011 (UTC)

Reza161516:30, 9 March 2011

I found it has problem with ی that is different form Arabic ي may be it cause problem what should i do?.Reza1615 16:36, 9 March 2011 (UTC)

Reza161516:36, 9 March 2011


Is $1 a number here? If so, I think that it should use PLURAL (which seems to exist in OSM).

The Evil IP address20:25, 27 August 2010

It is available in the OpenStreetMap website localisation, but not in the OpenStreetMap Potlatch editor, which this key belongs to...

Siebrand21:23, 27 August 2010

Openstreetmap - I want to translate or make changes/corrections to Greek translations

When trying to correct the translation from "Κατεύθηνση: Template:Way name" to the correct "Κατεύθυνση: Template:Way name" gives me an error "You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason: You do not have permission to edit pages in the Osm namespace."


Logictheo20:44, 17 March 2010

It looks like you're diving in head first without checking how deep the water is. That's dangerous. Have a look at Special:FirstSteps, and please follow directions. Good luck!

Siebrand20:49, 17 March 2010

Thank you.

Logictheo18:01, 19 March 2010
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