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Available in English only?322:23, 13 March 2010
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Available in English only?

I have had a look at the web home page for Wikireader and also the messages to be translated. From that it appears that Wikireader is using only the English version of Wikipedia. Is this correct? If so, then are there plans to use other language versions of Wikipedia on Wikireader? If not, then I can't see that there is much point in translating these messages. Or am I missing something?

Lloffiwr12:07, 9 March 2010

As far as I know this is not true, but I am not a product specialist. You can tweet them at @wikireader for a quick answer, I guess.

Siebrand13:56, 9 March 2010

The following are extracts of e-mails between myself and, who produce Wikireader:

Lloffiwr: I am a translator at, where wikireader messages are being translated. I am not sure in how many languages wikireader is available. I have found a website selling a Japanese version. Could you let me know in which languages the Wikireader is currently available and what your plans are for the future. I do not want to spend a lot of time on translating this if it is not likely to be available for a long time to come.

Wikireader: Thanks a lot for writing us and a big thanks for helping with translations. We can build just about any language at this point and formal support for latin languages will be made public this month.

Lloffiwr: If you look on the Wikireader project page at - - you will see that there is a link to the home page of the English language Wikireader. I would quite like to add a link to information on what languages the Wikireader is available in, or is planned to be available in, to the project page - for example the information on the latin languages, when that is published. Is a link to the 'News' page on your website - - the best thing?

Wikireader: Yes we'll do something like this for sure. We hope to formally launch multi-lingual support later this month. There's still a lot of details (sales, marketing, engineering....) that aren't finished yet.

Lloffiwr: I am also not sure that I understand how the Wikireader works as far as many languages are concerned. Do you buy the Wikireader for one specific language only? Or can you choose to read Wikipedia in more than one language at no additional cost, regardless of which language version you bought?

Wikireader: The WikiReader works by reading a filesystem off of an SD card. Therefore the only thing that is needed is enough space and you can have as many different wikis as you like.

If you're technical, feel free to browse our code at We're super close to full support.

Lloffiwr13:00, 13 March 2010

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Siebrand22:23, 13 March 2010

What does this message stand for?

OsamaK07:10, 5 March 2010

I have asked the question to an OpenMoco developer. Hope to get an answer soon.

Siebrand23:12, 5 March 2010

The "r" stands for restricted. This message must be very short, as it is shown in the top right hand corner of the page.

The restricted property is added to a page in the compilation stage if it detects certain worlds in a page.

Siebrand20:13, 8 March 2010
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