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{{Location|61.766505194325, 34.38102722168}}
{{Location|61.77872444182397, 34.365921020508154}}
{{#babel:tly-N|ru-N|en-2|EOL|MediaWiki|Kiwix|Okawix|Mifos|Wikia|pywikibot|Intuition|WiktionaryMobile|WaymarkedTrails|Freecol|WLMMobile|Etherpad lite}}
Hello. I would like help with translation on Talysh language {{#babel:tly-4}}.
Hello. I would like help with translation on <b><font color=red>Taly</font><font color=silver>sh lan</font><font color=green>guage.</font></b>
*[http://translatewiki.net/wiki/Special:LanguageStats/tly Language statistics]
<b><font color=red>Чтобы связаться со</font> <font color=silver>мной пишите сюда:</font> <font color=green>kgskype@rambler.ru</font><br>
<font color=red>Демы пебемон гәтеј</font> <font color=silver>горнә ијо бынывыш</font><font color=green>тән:kgskype@rambler.ru</font></b>
{{User:Amire80/MW high prio links|language_code=tly}}

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tly-N Bo ın iştirokəkə Tolışə zıvon moə zıvone.
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Hello. I would like help with translation on Talysh language.


Чтобы связаться со мной пишите сюда: kgskype@rambler.ru
Демы пебемон гәтеј горнә ијо бынывыштән:kgskype@rambler.ru